In the Flow

Epoxy clay, quartz, wood

12”t x 18”d x 11”w

*photo by Matthew Winghart


Tuning In

Epoxy clay, celestite, wood

16”t x 9.5”d x 5.5”w

*photo by Matthew Winghart


Force of Nature-Change

She is a Force of nature. She assumes the properties of wind to influence change.

Polymer clay, epoxy clay, marble, granite, copper, aventurine, jade

20"T x 8"W x 4"D (approximate)

*photo by Don Rosser



Epoxy clay, citrine, wood, copper

18”t x 11”d x 8”w

*photo by Matthew Winghart


Annabelle and the Vanishing Bees

Annabelle has a deep kinship with her bees. She has watched them rapidly decline in numbers. Desperate to preserve them and keep her connection, she climbs higher to learn more. Bees become a part of her as she collects the golden honey to preserve all she can of them and what they stand for.


*photo by Don Rosser

_L2A9107 12 x 18 copy.jpg

Forest Muse

Relentlessly determined to reverse what man has done, The gilded Forest Muse carpets the floor with seeds for regrowth.

Steel, paperclay, found objects.

This is an installation which includes her gilded branches. It can be adjusted to fit any space. Her personal footprint is approximately 7'T x 4'W x 3'D. Branches will expand beyond that.

*photo by Don Rosser

Unfurl_ Full Rez (1).jpg


Epoxy clay, amethyst, paper, wood

16”t x 7”w x 7”d

*photo by Matthew Winghart


Seeking Sanctuary

Epoxy clay, selenite, peacock ore, wood, paper

24”t x 20”d x 9”w

*photo by Matthew Winghart



Longing to embody grace, beauty, and self-preservation, Liona assumes the attributes of the lionfish with her dangerous beauty.

Bronze, granite and wood

15"H x 6"W x 10"L (approximate)

*photo by Matthew Winghart


Force of Nature-Freedom

She is a Force of Nature. Untethered by her humanness, Freedom ascends.

Polymer clay, epoxy clay, marble, granite, copper, turquoise

21"T x 6"W x 4"D (approximate)

*photo by Don Rosser


Beast of Mercy

The Guardian Beast gifts us with the newest generation. Through it hope, compassion, love and mercy may be restored. It asks we continue to be a light.


*photo by Don Rosser



Rising from tragic depths, fostering new growth, Optimism overcomes.

Paperclay, wood, found objects


*photo by Don Rosser

Force of Nature-Balance

She is a Force of nature. Bringing all things back into equilibrium, Balance brings clarity.

Polymer clay, epoxy clay, marble, granite, copper, rose quartz

20"T x 8"W x 4"D (approximate)

*photo by Don Rosser

_L2A9979 12 x 18.jpg


Embracing the characteristics of the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula, Spinette becomes fearless!

Epoxy clay, polymer clay, flocking, granite

22"T x 10"W x 2"D (approximate)


*photo by Don Rosser

In Need of New Perspectives 300.jpeg

In Need of New Perspectives

Due to unlivable conditions, some creatures are forced to become something they are not. The search for either a new home or new perspective was inescapable.


*photo by Don Rosser


Water Muse

The Water Muse oversees all aquatic bodies. Due to her devotion to her element, she begins to absorb the qualities of her world. A harmonious, symbolic relationship forms between herself and her environment.

Epoxy clay, paperclay, wood, found objects

Focal piece - 5'T x 32"W x 12"D

Portholes - 14" round x 5

*photo by Don Rosser